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That’s My Boy

So i just got back from seeing Adam Sandler’s latest, That’s My Boy, and i gotta say, it didn’t suck.   I set the bar real low, 3 being the over/under for total laughs because i was fully expecting it to be another 90 min abortion ala Click, 50 First Dates, Jack and Jill etc, but it easily surpassed that within the first 10 minutes.  I’d say it was at least no worse than Mr Deeds and probably a lot funnier.

That’s My Boy had a very late 90’s Happy Madison feel to it.  If Sandler was still the box office god he was then and this movie came out somewhere between Bulletproof and The Waterboy, then it would have been a must see which you and your buddies couldn’t stop quoting for weeks.

It’s got the familiar type of story, grown up, loveable loser, immature slacker type who is basically good underneath it all and trying to straighten himself out and do right by somebody he loves.  But instead of it being Drew Barrymore or some other hot blonde, this time it happens to be his now estranged son (Andy Samberg)  that he had back in the 7th grade with his uber-hot math teacher.  Just like any Sandler movie the story is really just a convenient vehicle to cram in as many dick, blow and hand job jokes that can fit in a 90 min movie as possible with a bunch of f-bombs sprinkled in.  But that is what Adam Sandler does best, so it has a very familiar feel to it.

If you are like me and there was a time when every single Adam Sandler movie was a “must see’ then you should check That’s My Boy out.

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