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It’s Finally Happened! #NFL Referee Flags a Player for Hitting Too Hard

no fun league

I have been predicting  for years that eventually NFL referees will begin flagging  defenders for “tackling too hard.”  Well, in yesterday’s Bengals-Cowboys game that is exactly what they did.  Sure, they didn’t explicitly say that’s the reason why they flagged CIN safety Reggie Nelson for this hit on DAL WR Dez Bryant (fast forward to the two-minute mark) but Roger Goodell himself couldn’t convince me otherwise. 

Do they understand that defensive players have to earn their paychecks too?  In today’s NFL, with Goodell’s player safety initiative, that was as clean of a hit you can get.  What is Nelson supposed to do in that scenario, just give up and let him catch the ball?  That’s absurd!

And how does the back judge, aka the ref with the worst point of view on the play, make that call?  He has no business at all throwing that flag based on his position on the field.  These personal foul calls have gone so way beyond ridiculous at this point they’re laughable.

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