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That’s My Boy

So i just got back from seeing Adam Sandler’s latest, That’s My Boy, and i gotta say, it didn’t suck.   I set the bar real low, 3 being the over/under for total laughs because i was fully expecting it to be another 90 min abortion ala Click, 50 First Dates, Jack and Jill etc, but it easily surpassed that within the first 10 minutes.  I’d say it was at least no worse than Mr Deeds and probably a lot funnier.

That’s My Boy had a very late 90’s Happy Madison feel to it.  If Sandler was still the box office god he was then and this movie came out somewhere between Bulletproof and The Waterboy, then it would have been a must see which you and your buddies couldn’t stop quoting for weeks.

It’s got the familiar type of story, grown up, loveable loser, immature slacker type who is basically good underneath it all and trying to straighten himself out and do right by somebody he loves.  But instead of it being Drew Barrymore or some other hot blonde, this time it happens to be his now estranged son (Andy Samberg)  that he had back in the 7th grade with his uber-hot math teacher.  Just like any Sandler movie the story is really just a convenient vehicle to cram in as many dick, blow and hand job jokes that can fit in a 90 min movie as possible with a bunch of f-bombs sprinkled in.  But that is what Adam Sandler does best, so it has a very familiar feel to it.

If you are like me and there was a time when every single Adam Sandler movie was a “must see’ then you should check That’s My Boy out.

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Jose Canseco banned by league


Really Mexico are you kidding me? Okay let me get this straight, you got crazy warring drug cartels that massacre people by the dozen and pay off entire police departments.  Mass graves, beheadings and forced prostitution all are a regular occurence but you choose make a stand on Jose Canseco and steroids?  Didn’t like 98% of the steroids in baseball come from Mexico?  Aren’t they right next to the aspirin in Mexican CVS’s?

 When you’re the GM of the Quintana Roo Tigers and you sign Jose Canseco aren’t you expecting, if not flat-out encouraging, him to be on the juice? He wrote a book named “Juiced”  in which he says he wouldn’t have of even been a major leaguer if weren’t  for the ‘roids.  What would make you think he would go clean at the age of 47, in Mexico of all places?  I thought it was no holds barred in Mexico, you invented the donkey show for christ sake.

And I hope Canseco has got a film crew following him around 24/7 down there.  In fact, if someone was smart, they’d get John Rocker and Jose Canseco on the same Mexican baseball team yesterday and start filming a reality show right away.  I think that would have the potential to rival season 2 of “Eastbound and Down”.



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Papelbon Rant


How the hell can you say that Philly fans are better, or smarter, than Boston fans when you haven’t even played a single game at Citizens Bank Park yet? Spring training is held in Florida, not Philly.Whole different ballgame there.

Now please don’t take this the wrong way.  Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying as me sticking up for Boston in any way, shape or form.  That is not what this is about.  This is about my disdain for one of the biggest douche bags in professional baseball, Jonathan Papelbon. Whom I’ve referred to as “Papeldouche” ever since he did that stupid jig in his underwear after the 2007 World Series.

Keep in mind, this is the moron who thought he should’ve been the closer for the 2008 all-star game at Yankee Stadium, not Mo, despite the fact that Mo was a perfect 23-23 in save opportunities and he (Papeldouche) had already blown four.  The real kicker was that his own manager (Francona) named Mo the closer.

And you’ve actually got a problem with some dude throwing  you his prosthetic leg for an autograph?  That’s freaking awesome!  That dude risked potentially losing a limb (albeit a fake one), which he needs to walk on, just to get you to write your stupid name on it. You’ve got to be a real jerk not to appreciate that level of fan-dom. If some dude that reads my blogs did that to me, I would be so honored that not only would I write my stupid  name on it but I’d also take him out and get him wasted.  And I’m not even a millionaire, or even a thousandaire.  Hell, I’m not even a hundredaire, but I’d still do it out of respect.

What about the Philly fan who got tasered when he ran on the field in 2010, was he smarter than Boston fans?  (watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqtPUhYdz6M)

Or how about the Philly fan that intentionally threw up on an 11 yr old girl and her cop father? (read about it here http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Off-Duty-Officer-Daughters-Assaulted-at-Phillies-Game-90983739.html)

A Philly writer once called for fans to throw D batteries at one of your own teammates! (found here, and i don’t care if it was supposed to be humor, we all know most people are dumb and will basically do whatever they’re told to http://deadspin.com/5780992/

You thought a fake leg was bad? At least he wasn’t trying to give you brain damage. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say after you hit a rough patch, blow 3 out of 5 and have to bob and weave your way around a few Duracells yourself.

So if there is anyone who looks stupid here it’s definitely Papelbon.  If I were a Boston fan I’d take his comments as a badge of honor.Oh yea, and one more thing Boston, don’t forget…YOU SUCK!  GO YANKEES!

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Phantom Menace 3D Review #starwars #phantommenace #episodeI #awesome

So today i finally got around to seeing The Phantom Menace 3D and i gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was already, unquestionably, the best of the new trilogy and the 3D effect only makes it better (for the most part).  Seeing the words “Star Wars” shoot across the screen in 3D, as well as the iconic opening crawl, sets the tone right away and gives even the most cynical of fans goosebumps.  I liken it to seeing it the way it was meant to be seen.  The added depth and perspective/perception of the 3D technology almost fully immerses you into these strange, beautiful exotic new worlds that The Phantom Menace takes us too.  A phenomena that i contend would be more significant without  the incessant crinkle-crinkling and other sounds of mass consumption associated with movie theatres there to distract us.

The 3D makes the mediocre or nondescript parts of the movie good and the good parts even better.  But unfortunately it can’t do anything for the awful parts, mainly Jar-Jar Binks, and i found the opposite actually becomes true.  It makes the already bad worse because they stand out more and are thus more disappointing. To me Jar Jar Binks stills seems like he was made up by the worlds more creative autistic 3rd grader.  I wanna say to him, “nice try kid, i’m sure you’ll do better the next time.”  At one point I realized that i’d completely stopped paying attention to the movie and i was fantasizing about kicking him (JJB) in the nuts instead. Hearing kids, and even a few adults, actually laughing at his awful obvious gags made me angry to the point that I wanted to punch the adults right in their stupid faces and scream “YOU”RE RAISING CHILDREN THAT SUCK!” at them.

About 45 mins into the movie i realized that i had to pee.  Now normally, I’d hold it. I’d hold it as long as humanly possible and then some so that I A., wouldnt miss anything, and B., didn’t disturb anyone else.  But i realized that i didnt feel like doing that.  So i said to the wife “I’m going to take a leak cuz i know the next 10 mins (of the movie) are going to suck” and rationalized doing  it by saying to myself “If you mothereffer’s can laugh at Jar Jar, then i can walk across the theatre to take a wizz.”

Funny story about that, in the bathroom i laughed aloud when an Indian dude gave me a look like i was his worst case scenario personified while he was contemplating on whether or not to take his daughter into the mens room.

Darth Maul’s first appearance still gives you excited chills and he’s def hands down the most awesomest part of the new trilogy.  It’s worth the price of admission just to see him on the big screen again.  I found myself chanting his name over and over (in my head) in anticipation of his fight with Qui-Gon on Tatooine.  It also reminds you how awesome Liam Neeson is, def the second best character in the newbies.

All in all, even though i was apprehensive to throw down more money to see a movie i’ve paid to see 11x already  i am glad  i did. The 3D technology really does add a depth/texture/warmth that the original version was missing.  It makes the unspectacular or nondescript scenes much more vibrant and entertaining without detracting from anything in any way and is a must see for Star Wars fans of any level.

Below are some more thoughts/observations.

-Note to parents: It’s not ok to let your stupid kids wear sneakers with blinking lights to the movies.   I’ll spare you the violent details of the things i wanted to do to them (the parents that is, not the kids).

-I still say the most important lesson Episode I teaches us is “No pod is worth two slaves, not by a longshot.”

-Speaking of Watto, he was all the comic relief the movie needed.  He was terribly-awful in a humorous way.  “Aah yes, Nubian.” I still quote that line.

-When Obi-Wan says to Qui-Gon “Why do I get the feeling that we’ve picked up another pathetic life form?” in regards to Anakin, i said to myself  “well that’s not very Jedi-like of him.” And i was instantly reminded of the first thing my Dad said after seeing the new movies, and i quote, “maybe if Obi-Wan wasn’t such a prick there wouldn’ta  been a Darth Vader.”

-I found myself cheering for the Droid Army to slaughter as many gungans as possible during the Battle of Naboo.

-The 3D graphics give CGI characters like Nute Gunray a realistic texture that makes them more believable then characters played by actual humans, like Hugh Quarshie aka Captain Panaka.

-BTW how lame was Queen Amidala’s “Royal Guard” anyway?  She was the only one of them that could shoot straight.

-I know this might fall under the category of nit-picking, but two things: 1 How come R2 knows more about pod racing then C3PO when R2 just got to Tatooine but he (3P0) was from there? 2, Where was Obi-Wan’s super Jedi speed when Qui-Gon was taking Darth Maul 1 on 1 on Naboo? ( Like when he was running away from the Droidekas earlier in the movie?)

-Who’s cameo was awesomer, Warrick Davis or Bib Fortuna? (I vote for Willow)

-I found myself snarling at the screen when Jar-jar ruins R2D2’s first scene because he has to bump into him.  Alternatively I found myself grinning like an idiot when i heard “Duel of the Fates” start.

-The Trade Federation are still unmistakably obviously supposed to be Asians.

-On a personal note, it was nice to be able to fit comfortably in the movie chair. If you’re 325+ do yourself a favor and lose some of the weight, it really does make a big difference. Don’t think of big numbers and get intimidated, set real world goals for yourself like being able to sit comfortably at the movies for instance and take it from there .  My next one is to be able to be able to fit nicely in an airplane seat for my buddy’s wedding out in Colorado.

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