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By now just about everyone is aware of the of tsunami -esque beat down the Alabama Crimson Tide gave to the Notre Dame Fightin’  Irish in their 42-14 win in last nights’s BCS National Championship game.

It was a complete and total domination by “Bama start to finish.  The Irish got off to a good start by winning the coin toss but that was about it for the things they did well.  But at least they’ll have that. “Bama got the ball first and ND got to losing right away as they gave up a five play 82-yd touchdown drive.  Which, oh by the way, was the longest drive the Manti Te’o led ND defense had given up all season.

There is no better way to illustrate the dominance Alabama’s offense had over the much (as it turns out) over-hyped Notre Dame defense than this, going into last night, the Irish had surrendered only nine total offensive touchdowns all year to their 12 regular season opponents combined but on the first play of the second quarter Alabama’s T.J Yeldon’s 1-yd touchdown run gave the Crimson Tide a 21-0 lead over the Irish.

What that means is, in only 904 seconds of BCS Title game play Notre Dame allowed Alabama to score one third as many touchdowns  as they let all 12 of their  opponents score during the 20,736 seconds of the regular season combined (excluding overtime, 12G x 60MPG = 144M x 60s =, 20,736seconds). So much for that famed Irish-luck.

The real BREAKING NEWS from the game was  last night Brent Musburger got his first boner of the 21st century!  It seemed as if after every “Bama score,  ESPN would cutaway to a very attractive woman in attendance named Katherine Webb who, in addition to being Ms Alabama 2012, was also AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, hence their excuse for throwing her up there every couple of minutes for Musburger to objectify/wax poetically over.  Let’s just say it was unrequited-love at first sight for the 73 year old Musburger who at one point simply just said “WO!”.

It’s being widely reported that when Webb went to bed yesterday she had approximately 2,000 Twitter followers but when she woke up that number was over well over  100,000!  It would seem as if Brent Musburger’s slacks weren’t the only things “trending up” last night.

AJ isn't the only champ

AJ isn’t the only champ

If you want my opinion, any woman that’s nice enough to make pictures of herself like this available on the internet deserves no less than 100,000 Twitter followers.

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