Week 12 Notes

Who the hell is Jordan Cameron?

Is there a more useless play in the history of  fantasy football than a touchdown pass from Brandon Weeden to Jordan Cameron?

Regarding the Cleveland-Pittsburgh game, day after, who’s glass is more half-full-er? The Browns for beating the Steelers? Or the Steelers for only losing by six in a game which they turned the ball over eight times AND Charlie Batch started?

Speaking of Charlie Batch, to me, he feels like he’s the epitome of  Daniel Tosh’s joke about Brett Favre and NFL players sticking around  until they’re 70 just to keep collecting a check.

Good win for Miami but Tannehill is still way too casual throwing the ball on the run.  It’s bothered me all season and it almost cost the Dolphins another game.  He got very lucky to get bailed out on a a very questionable roughing the passer penalty.

If you’re looking for a good RB go pick up for the fantasy football stretch run and are lucky enough to play in a league which Daniel Thomas is still available, then the first thing you should do after reading this is pick him up immediately.  His time share with Reggie Bush is legit, no worse than 50-50, plus he gets redzone carries.

Jared Odrick has  my favorite sack dance in the history of the NFL.

Awful job of play-calling on those 3rd and 4th & 2 plays down 18, early4th quarter.  Forget the obvious about doing the smart thing and taking the field goal there to make it a 2 score game.  The smart thing to if you need two yards and have Adrian Peterson

is to have Christian Ponder give the ball to him and not roll out with it.  Especially if you got two chances.  He leads the league in rushing yards and total yardage and you don’t give him one touch


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