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Week 12 Notes

Who the hell is Jordan Cameron?

Is there a more useless play in the history of  fantasy football than a touchdown pass from Brandon Weeden to Jordan Cameron?

Regarding the Cleveland-Pittsburgh game, day after, who’s glass is more half-full-er? The Browns for beating the Steelers? Or the Steelers for only losing by six in a game which they turned the ball over eight times AND Charlie Batch started?

Speaking of Charlie Batch, to me, he feels like he’s the epitome of  Daniel Tosh’s joke about Brett Favre and NFL players sticking around  until they’re 70 just to keep collecting a check.

Good win for Miami but Tannehill is still way too casual throwing the ball on the run.  It’s bothered me all season and it almost cost the Dolphins another game.  He got very lucky to get bailed out on a a very questionable roughing the passer penalty.

If you’re looking for a good RB go pick up for the fantasy football stretch run and are lucky enough to play in a league which Daniel Thomas is still available, then the first thing you should do after reading this is pick him up immediately.  His time share with Reggie Bush is legit, no worse than 50-50, plus he gets redzone carries.

Jared Odrick has  my favorite sack dance in the history of the NFL.

Awful job of play-calling on those 3rd and 4th & 2 plays down 18, early4th quarter.  Forget the obvious about doing the smart thing and taking the field goal there to make it a 2 score game.  The smart thing to if you need two yards and have Adrian Peterson

is to have Christian Ponder give the ball to him and not roll out with it.  Especially if you got two chances.  He leads the league in rushing yards and total yardage and you don’t give him one touch


Turkey Day Football Notes

  • Brandon Moore’s butt meets Mark Sanchez’s face

  • In case you missed it, on Thursday night the Jets proved they only need 53 seconds to lose an entire football game.
  • Stat of the Day: Brandon Moore’s ass had more sacks then the entire Jets defense.   Sanchez hits the hole, hard.
  • The Jets and Patriots played the funniest game of football I’ve ever seen.  The Jets have comedic timing that is surpassed maybe only by the 3 Stooges.  They can’t even fumble right, the ball goes flying through the air.
  • Looking for a fun game to play with your buddies?  Watch the Jets-Patriots game and drink every time they say the name of a former Miami Dolphin player. You’ll be wrecked by halftime. Donald Thomas leads the way, drink.  Clyde Gates checks into the game, drink.  Lex Hilliard is the starting fullback, drink.  Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano has his hands full, drink.  That’s special teams coach Mike Westhoff, drink.  Rob Ninkovich gets the sack, drink. Welker for 14, Welker for 9, Welker for 16, drink, drink, drink.  Welker gets brought down by Yeremiah Bell, drink double.
  • Every time i watch RG3 play i remember that he is better than i think he is.  Are there better examples of quarterbacks who do “more with less” than he and Andrew Luck?  There are question marks and rookies all over both of their offenses but somehow they get it done.
  • On the other side of the coin, is there a better example of a quarterback who does “less with less” than Mark Sanchez?  I get it, your team sucks, deal with it, I’m sick of hearing about it.  What those rookies are accomplishing with their offenses puts your argument to shame.  Great QBs find a way to make it work, inferior ones use it as an excuse.
  • Just because the play would have been reviewed (and thus overturned) if Jim Shwartz had not violated the stupidest rule in the history of the NFL does not let the referees from the Lions-Texans game off the hook.  Both the runner’s elbow and knee touched the ground.  It’s inexcusable that the refs missed that.
  • So far this NFL season we have seen two touchdowns scored which have ultimately decided games that everybody watching  knew was not a touchdown except for the employees of the NFL.
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Charges Dropped Against Adrian Peterson

The resisting arrest charge against Adrian Peterson from a July 7th incident outside a Houston area night club has been dropped.

This is good because, in Texas, the punishment for resisting arrest is death by electrocution plus firing squad then they hang you, and I really need AD alive and well for the fantasy playoffs stretch run. (Seriously, screw the money, my league has a trophy, that’s all I want.)

But on a serious note, when these “star athlete arrested” stories first happen, they’re breaking news. Then when the outcome is like this,charges dropped, the story is  nowhere near as sexy, so it gets treated as less than an afterthought, more of an unwanted obligation really, and that annoys me.

Other than his bone crushing handshake, I’ve never heard anyone say anything even remotely negative about Peterson so his name being cleared should be news.

On a side note, am I the only one who finds it fishy when someone is arrested for resisting arrest and that’s it? Shouldn’t there be another charge accompanying it in which you originally resisted and so the police charged you with both?  Could you imagine what that conversation would be like?
“Hey you’re under arrest.”
For what?
Okay then bye.
“You resisted, now you’re really under arrest! Fool you!”

read the full story here on ESPN

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