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#Sports Rant

I want to start off by giving a big FU to the NFL for assuming that I have 3 days to devote to watching people’s names get called out on tv. 80% of whom I’ve never heard of before and probably will never hear again. This new draft format is awful and anyone who tells you different is just a whore to the NFL that thinks they (the NFL) crap gold.

New York Knicks

With Baron Davis and Mike Bibby as your PG’s, I don’t expect you to actually beat the Heat but I do expect progress, so this is my challenge to you: stay competitive. Prove to me that you belong on the same court as Miami. Steal the next road game, take the series back to The Garden tied 1-1 and give your fans at least the illusion of hope. Then win one game at home to reward the patience of your fan base who have watched you under-perform since 1999. Do that and consider it progress and the season a success.

New York Yankees

Michael Pinieda out of the year with a torn shoulder = worst case scenario realized. How the hell did you let the Seattle Mariner’s hose you like that? Who are you, the Mets? Here are some direct quotes from GM Brian Cashman, “Right now our hopes and dreams for this player are in jeopardy” and “This is a massive decision gone wrong right now.” If I consulted my Magic 8-Ball it would read outlook not too good.

Phil Hughes. I’m done with you. I don’t know what the problem is and nor do I care anymore. I can’t wait for your banishment to the bullpen so you can toil in your own squalid mediocrity out there. You are destined to be the answer to a trivia question and just a footnote in Yankee history, nothing more.

New York Rangers

If you want to continue participating in the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs then at some point your goal scorers (ie Gaborik, Richards etc) are gonna have to start doing their job and put the puck in the back of the net.

Damn, Kreider looks like he’s the genuine real deal.

And finally (for the Rangers), all hail The King!

Miami Dolphins/Jeff Ireland

By taking the best quarterback available, Ryan Tannehill, at the eighth spot instead of the best player available, you proved to me that you have no idea what you are doing and are clueless when it comes to reading/manipulating a draft board. Simple question, if you don’t take Tannehill at 8 then who does and when? I contend he wouldn’t come off the board until Cleveland at #22.  If you were dead set on selecting Tannehill then at least you should have moved down a few spots to take him in the early to mid-teens and pick up a couple extra picks in the process. And don’t give me some BS about not having a partner to trade with because with all the shuffling and wheeling and dealing that went on in the first round I dont buy it for a second. If you couldn’t find someone to trade with on Thursday that means you didn’t try.

With the 8th pick I would have taken whoever was rated as the best overall player available instead of just the best QB. Whether it was Luke Kuechly or Michael Floyd or whomever. Then, if I really believed Tannehill was that good, I would have traded back into the first round somewhere between 9-21 and drafted him there. I’m thinking next years 1st, this years 2nd and one of the extra 3rds from CHI would be a fair price. Think of it this way, losing next years 1st is a wash because you’ll have two this year. Essentially you’re using next years pick now. And a 2nd and a 3rd is a small price to pay for a player who you deem to be a “franchise” quarterback, plus you’d still have your own 3rd rd pick. All you did on Thursday is prove that I know more about then NFL draft then you do.

You are not good enough, nor do you have enough elite top-tier NFL talent on the roster to be drafting players based on “need’ rather than “talent.” That is a luxury which only teams who are the proverbial “one player away” (like NE, PIT, GB) can afford. Right now the Miami Dolphins are one player, at EVERY position, away from being good.

More Draft Notes:

Best value pick: SD taking DE Melvin Ingram at #18. He fell that far only because teams were concerned his arms were “too short”. What a bunch of draft combine driven garbage. That’s the same type of nonsensical player evaluation logic which led to hall of fame players like Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas falling to the 3rd and 5th rds respectively, while workout warrior scrubs like Mike Mamula and Vernon Gholston became million dollar busts that left the Eagles and Jets looking like idiots. This guy is going to be a stud and make anyone who passed on him for that reason look like a moron.

Worst pick of the first round by a team not based in Miami: Seattle #15 DE/OLB Bruce Irvin. Talk about red flags, high school drop out, done jail time and arrested as recently as last month. Seems as if  Pete Carroll is still recruiting the ghettos just like he did at USC.  Most teams had him rated as a 3rd rounder.

Best draft party: Whitney Mercilus #26 Houston. Check out the video below. In addition to the girl who nearly flashed her hooch to the world, look behind the couch and notice how he basically surrounded
himself with hot white and Asian broads. Well done.

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Thoughts: Secret Service prostitution & Photos show troops with corpses

Above are headlines for two stories regarding actions of US service members abroad. To sum them up (i’ll include links to them at the end) up to 21 US personnel (mixed secret service and armed forces) are alleged to having basically a hooker party at their hotel in Colombia while they were awaiting the arrival of the President.  And separately two-year old photos have surfaced of US military personnel posing with the dead bodies failed suicide bombers who accidentally blew themselves up.

Now i am not saying that I agree with nor condone the actions of these men but I am saying that I am not qualified to sit in judgement of them and neither are you (for the most part).  I’m not advocating what these men did, nor am i trying to excuse their actions,  but their actions will be investigated and they face potential punishment for their behavior, which I have no problem with, so long as the trial is held in a court of law and not that of public opinion.

Until you have picked up a rifle and traveled to a hostile country where people want to murder you based on where you were born or what gods you pray to and have to live/work/exist along side people that call you friend/ally by day then try to murder you by night, and as the days apart from you loved ones turns into months and the months years, and you after you’ve seen friends you call “brother” die right in front of you then, and only then, will you be qualified to have an opinion that counts on these matters and be outraged by their actions if you choose to. But until you have walked a mile in their shoes, and then some, shut up and let them be as the process plays out.

Until you have been there, done that, seen what these men have seen and been through what they have been through, then you, and i, are unqualified to act judge, jury and executioner for these men.

If you have a problem with the way these service men conducted themselves to the point that you feel “outraged” (or some other type of inflammatory rhetoric that gets used in these situations) to the point that you feel something needs to be done about it, and are calling for some type of swift, severe punishment to be levied against them, and for people to lose their jobs or go to jail, then i have a simple solution to your problem, get off your ass, pick up a rifle and go do it yourself.

These men live in a world where every minute could be their last and, unless we have been there and done  that, then you and I are not qualified to judge how they choose to blow off some steam and deal with that kind of stress  and we should not  judge them based on our own personal morals.

Two thoughts on what led to these stories becoming national headlines.

In regards to the soldier that turned the photos over to the press because as the LA times put it, they pointed to a “breakdown in leadership and discipline that he believed compromised the safety of the troops”, I will not be a hypocrite and presume to judge your actions.  But i would ask, based on what you said your reason for turning the photos over to the LA Times was, did your actions accomplish your goal?  Based on the current state of affairs in Afghanistan did your actions accomplish what you intented them to do?  I am not saying the soldier is right or wrong here, I just hope he is being truthful and honest in regards to the motives behind his actions.

And in regards to the hooker party, this only came out because one of the guys refused to pay for services rendered and the girl wound up calling the police. That’s just dumb. Doesn’t he know you have to always negotiate the terms up front? I bet in retrospect he wished that he had just given the girl whatever she asked for.Furthermore, if didn’t you know that if something like this were to come out, even if it happened while you were “off-duty”, even if you paid with your own money in a place where prostitution is legal, that it would look really bad and , to put it lightly, be frowned upon by your superiors and in the court of public opinion in general. then that’s just awful judgement and maybe you shouldn’t be trusted with the responsibility your job entails.,0,5032601.story?page=1&utm_medium=feed&track=rss&utm_campaign=Feed%253A%2520MostEmailed%2520%28L.A.%2520Times%2520-%2520Most%2520E-mailed%2520Stories%29&utm_source=feedburner

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Rays 7 Yankees 6

Okay, mark your calendars, game 1 of 162, inning 1 of (at least) 1,458 and Girardi’s chronic micro-over-managing of his pitching staff has already begun.

Who had the under?

Only five batters into the 2012 season Girardi trotted out to the mound to advise the ace of his staff, CC Sabathia, to issue an intentional walk to Sean Rodriguez, yes thee Sean Rodriguez, and load the bases for Carlos Pena. Who, by the way, has been a “Yankee killer” ever since they cut him back in 2006. Worst case scenario ensued when Pena deposited a 3-2 pitch 428 feet away for a grand slam.

I don’t care if Pena is only 4-35 off CC while Rodriguez is 6-21, you don’t give a free pass to a light-hitting middle infielder with 22 career home runs to face a slugger with 258 career bombs who can hit the ball off any pitcher out of any ballpark. No matter what Girardi’s precious numbers say, you just don’t do that. It’s baseball 101. This is a perfect example of why human beings, and not computers, manage baseball teams. You can’t always go strictly with the numbers. Doing so is a cop-out. Sometimes you just have to let your pitchers pitch.

But despite all that, the Yankees were able to rally and take a 6-4 lead when Raul Ibanez blasted a 3run homer to cap a 4run 3rd inning.

A solo shot in the bottom of the frame off the bat of Evan Longoria made it 6-5.

Fast forward to the bottom of 9th, enter Sandman to close it out and preserve the 6-5 win. Needless to say things didn’t go according to plan. A leadoff single by Desmond Jennings followed by a triple from Ben Zobrist and suddenly its a tie game, save blown with nobody out  and a runner on third. Two intentional walks and a strike out later enter Carlos Pena with the bases loaded, again. This time all he did was hit a game winning single. Ball game over, Tampa Bay 7-Yanks 6.

Mo’s pitches looked flat and he left a couple out over the plate but he’ll be fine. All he did is confirm to me what I already knew after watching  11 runs scored through the first three innings, its still spring training for the pitchers. Rivera said it best in his post game interview, “thank god its only one game.”

Regardless of the blown save, how many games can the Yankees expect to win when they go down 4-0 in the first and the offense goes 2-11 with runners in scoring position stranding 12 men on base? I’d be much more concerned about that and Girardi’s cult-like devotion to “the numbers” then I would be about Mariano Rivera’s performance.

Despite the negative outcome and  bad taste yesterdays game left in the mouth of Yankee fans it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Bronx Bombers. In his Yankee debut DH Raul Ibanez had 4RBI including the aforementioned go ahead home run.

David Robertson worked into and out of trouble in the 8th. Facing a 1st and 3rd, nobody out D-Rob, showing no ill-effects from the preseason foot injury he suffered, struck out two and got Jose Molina to foul out, inexplicably, trying to lay down a bunt with two strikes and hold the one run lead.

And finally, but maybe most importantly, Alex Rodriguez looked healthy and showed good bat speed going 2-3 with a double and also made a few nice plays at third.

All in all it was an ugly game but it was only 1 of 162 so lets keep it in perspective. I’m very interested to watch Hiroki Kuroda make his debut tonight and see how the Yankees respond.


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