Welcome Back Andy!

Reportedly, while down in Tampa with a church group, Andy was hanging around the Yankee camp and decided to throw a bullpen session.  He felt so good after this session,  that he basically said to himself,  Hey I can still do this.  Next thing you know Cashman organizes a clandestine 7:30AM bullpen session and in which Andy looked good enough to earn himself a 2.5 million dollar contract.

In 2010 Pettitte basically pitched until his arm fell off on his way to earning his 5th World Series ring.  After that season he was physically and mentally exhausted.  He didn’t need to retire, he just needed a year to get his mind and body right.  Crafty, veteran lefties like him can stay around forever.   He’s already shown the has the ability to still be effective without a mid 90’s fastball with an outstanding curveball and utilizing superior control.  At a soon to be 40 years old, Andy Pettitte is a pitcher, not a thrower, and there’s no way he forgot how to pitch in just a year.

This is a great move for the Yankee organization and i personally can’t wait to see #46 and his trademark stare back out there on the mound in pinstripes.


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