David Robertson Injury


Not good.  I already told you one of the main goals of the Yankees this March was too get through the month without any injuries and now we got one of our most important pitchers in a walking boot with dirty, filthy words like “Lisfranc” being tossed around.  And what? He hurt himself moving boxes in his home?  If you’re an all star for the New York Yankees shouldn’t you have someone following you around doing that stuff for you to avoid things like this?  I bet the Steinbrenners wish they would of thought of that a few days ago when they read this blog post. Then maybe our bullpen wouldn’t have been potentially screwed before the season even started.

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5 thoughts on “David Robertson Injury

  1. Yes, This Sucks.
    He Was On One Of My Fantasy Teams Last Year…
    …And I’ve Already Drafted Him On A Couple Of Them THIS YEAR 😦
    Let’s Hope He’s Not Too Banged Up.
    The Yanks Need Him…
    …And SO DO I!

    • Yeah this injury could really shake things up. It might automatically relegate Phil Hughes to the bullpenand im not sure thats a good thing. And if this is a Lisfranc sprain, that’s the injury that basically ended Chein Mein Wang’s career. i know there was a shoulder injury too but he was never the same after the foot sprain. Not good at all

  2. mattmcsports says:

    This is a real bummer. Hopefully, he’ll be back soon or Soriano can do an effective job in the 8th inning this year.

  3. mattmcsports says:

    That wouldn’t be the worst situation either. Hughes is better suited for the bullpen, and if Garcia pitches like he did last year, that should work out.

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