Tampa Bay 4 Yankees 0

Game Notes:

  • Hiroki Kuroda looks a lot less Asian without his samurai-esque goatee.  Don’t look too much into the fact that he let up 3 runs in 2 innings.  His stuff looked good, he was spotting his pitches well and the velocity was where it was supposed to be (89-90 mph). He just hung a curve ball to a young,  hungry hitter (Vogt)  that’s trying to make the big club.
  • James Shields of Tampa is a  flat-out stud.  Definitely gets the “ace” moniker.  If he can get some more run support this year, I expect to see his name right up there with the Verlander’s and Sabathia’s of the AL.
  • The calendar might only read March 7th but Robbie Cano’s glove is already in mid-season form (as evidenced by his diving stop to his left to end the 3rd). How this guy didn’t win the Gold Glove last year is a mystery to me and a borderline travesty.  He’s an absolute magician out there with the leather and got a rifle for an arm.  The only things I can see keeping him from winning one are that while he’s casually making  plays no other 2B in baseball would ever even have a chance at making, he does it too easily and makes them look too routine, so he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.   And also the fact that he’s never won one before.  Which seems to be a prerequisite for winning one and is something I’ll never understand about the GG voters.
  • This might be nitpicking, but does Russell Martin really need to be stealing bases in spring training?  You know this guys gonna catch like 150 games, why not spare him some where you can?
  • Someone needs to inform Kenny Singleton that Europe is a continent not a country. 
  • Things like this are usually too difficult to tell from your couch but Swisher does look like he’s in phenomenal shape this year.
  • I love their (the Yankees) bench this year.  With guys like Andruw Jones, Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez coming off of it, it reminds me of the type of depth you saw back in the late 90’s-2001 years when they were dominating baseball and had guys like Chilli Davis, Tim Raines and Luis Sojo all understanding their jobs and playing  key roles for the team.
  • And that’s it.  I know it’s a little abrupt but what do you expect, it’s only game 5 of spring training and the Yanks lost 4-0?   There’s not much else to talk about.  And if you’re the type to panic because the Yankees lost 3 games in a row, remember something, it’s SPRING TRAINING and it means absolutely nothing!  The Yankees aren’t built to win in March, they’re built to win in October.  They don’t have any young guys that have to scratch and claw to  make the big club and thus are going to have a monster preseason.  Their roster is pretty much set, all they have to do is figure out the rotation and get through the next month healthy period, end of story.
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