Phil Hughes “Last Year Was A Failure”

Here is a list of people i can not stand in this world. 1., The homeless who are only homeless because they’re drug addicts and want your sympathy/money.  EFF you, I wish I could wake up every day with my only worries being where am I gonna sleep next and how am I going to get $10 so I can score some meth.

2.,Alcoholics who say they have a “disease”.  Garbage.  If enjoying getting wasted by noon is a “disease” then I got it too. But i also got something known as self-control and only choose to do so when appropriate.

3., Meter-maids.  There’s a difference between “just doing your job” and doing your job with a raging hard-on.  Kill yourself right now.

4., Politicians. Slimy grease-balls who make a living screwing you and I over while trying to convince us that they’re doing so in our own best interest.

And finally 5., Professional athletes who can’t stay in shape.  I have absolutely zero tolerance for you.  You get paid millions of dollars to play a kid’s game and you can’t even stay physically fit enough to do so?  People will gladly fork over hundreds of dollars that they really can’t afford to just for the chance to watch you play live and you can’t even give them the goddamn decency of showing up in shape?

I am/was a big Phil Hughes fan.  I like his calm demeanor on the mound and the way the ball just explodes out of his hand (when he’s on).  Plus there’s nothing I like better out of my favorite professional sports teams, especially the Yankees, then nice home grown talent to cheer for (as opposed to hired scrubs like AJ Burnett, Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown etc).

I was glad he wasn’t traded for Johan Santana or Roy Halladay or anything like that but something like this does make me wonder. If he’s having problems like these in his mid 20’s, what’s it gonna be like when he’s 30, 32 years old and even less motivated to put his work in during the off-season?

I hope Phil Hughes realizes that he messed up, this is unacceptable and returns to form this year.  That last year was just a momentary lapse for an incredibly talented kid who maybe never stopped celebrating winning his first World Series at such a young age because I really like the way this rotation looks with him in the 5 spot.  Plus I  have no faith that Freddy Garcia can come anywhere near approximating what he did last year.

One final note.  The other day somebody asked me if I think the Yankees regret getting rid of Ian Kennedy and not Phil and my answer was absolutely not.  I’m glad he’s doing well out in Arizona but Arizona ain’t New York and Kennedy does not have the make up to be successful in New York and he would have never worked out here.

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