Monthly Archives: January 2012

Is It Just Me?

Or does Hillary Clinton look more and more like a Star Wars character every time you see her?  Right now I’m thinking it’s a cross somewhere between Bib Fortuna and Nien Nunb with a little bit of Admiral Ackbar mixed in.




Shake and Bake Meth?

So let me get this straight, some moron named Cleetus or JimBob (or something like that) takes a  Mellow Yellow bottle and fills it with a  bunch of dangerous, unstable chemicals that he knows nothing about and then shakes it  like it’s an unwanted newborn baby sister-cousin  in an attempt to make crystal meth. Then, surprise surprise, when he blows his face off,  we, the tax payers, are the ones that get stuck paying his bills to the tune of $6,000/per day? Are you kidding me?  Does anyone else get fired up over the fact that this country is broke but yet we spend hundreds of millions of  dollars a year paying the medical bills of moronic wanna be redneck drug dealers?  That doesn’t make any sense! Why can’t we have a simple rule that says  if you get hurt in the process of making an illegal narcotic then, at least, you have to pay your own bills?  What is so wrong about that?